Venison Processing

Welcome to Jacobson’s old world meat processing. We use our own old-fashioned family recipes. Your venison is processed by our sausage-maker right here, in our Madison kitchens. We accept only clean, fresh or frozen boneless trim. And we mix only fresh beef or pork trimmings with your venison which results in a finished product weight close to double what you bring us.

To order Jacobson’s Venison Processing

1.  Bring your venison to any of our 3 locations convenient to you.
2.  A deposit in the amount of $1-per-pound of Venison is required at the time of order.
3.  Choose from the following menu of the items, priced per pound, that you would like us to make.

All finished venison products are packaged in freezer paper and frozen.

Venison Sausage
Per Pound
Smoked Summer Sausage
Original Recipe Landjaeger
Ring Bologna
Fresh Bratwurst
Fresh Italian Bratwurst
Smoked Bratwurst
Natural Casing Wieners
Ground Venison (with beef trim)