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Amish Chicken, Midwest-grown Beef, Brats & Sausage, Tender Pork, and Deli Meats, Jacobson's selects the best meats available for our customers. Our filet mignon and tenderloin are restaurant-quality, they're hand selected and the best you'll find anywhere. Our beef is Black Angus Choice, not the "Choice" you'll find at your grocery store, but a cut above. And we age it, for tenderness. Our chicken is fresh, juicy, and always great for the dinner table. Pork? Perfection. Lean and tender.

Specialty Meats

My favorite spaghetti sauce recipe calls for equal parts of ground beef, veal, ham, and pork. Try finding that at the grocery store! Or duck for roasting, or lamb chops for the grill. Jacobson's offers specialty meats. Few meats are seasonal except for the Christmas goose. We try to have most cuts on hand at all times. However, when selecting veal or lamb be sure to call ahead so we can have your selection ready when you need it, cut just the way your recipe requires.

Choosing Your Cut

The perfect meal starts with the right ingredients. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you are selecting meats for a family meal or a gourmet dinner to impress: What is the recipe and how many people will you serve? Serving beef? How well done do you like it? Serving Beef or Pork? How thick do you like it? What is your budget? These factors are important when choosing which cut of meat to buy. At Jacobson’s we’ll help you select the right cuts to meet your expectations.

Try Something New

Mmm, you love Jacobson's Brats. So try something new! Jacobson's Chicken & Apple Brats and Chicken & Pork Tuscany Brats. Created exclusively for Madison's Regent Street Market, these terrific brats are now at select Jacobson's locations! An instant classic. Brat selection varies by the shop.